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Program Summary

2022 Summer League and offseason training.

Teams available in age brackets:

8U to 18U

2022 Hardball Teams

Hardball Baseball Team and Commitment Fee:

Hardball Team commitment and administrative fee $200 due August 20th.

Hardball Baseball Training Fees:

8U – $300 paid in full by October 1st or 2 payments of $175 due October 1st and November 1st. (10 winter practices = 20 hours).
9U – 17U – $600 Paid in full by October 1st or 2 payments of $325 due October 1st and February 1st. (20 winter practices or 40 hours – No more than 2 practices in a week. 12 weekend and 8 weekday practices.)

*If you are unable to attend your team’s work out, you can attend the next age practice with prior approval from that coach. We are a program who is in this together to WORK (Work, Out-work, Rework, Keep working)

** No refunds on team commitment and training fees. If medical documentation is provided the Hardball administrative team will review for potential refund applied towards the training fees.

*** Players who join late will still be responsible for commitment and training fees.
Included with the fees:

  • 1 private lesson completed by January 1st, 2022
  • Indoor Team Practices: (November – March includes 20 practices with your team.)
  • Team Hat
  • 15% off individual lessons
  • Use of facility with a parent or guardian when available. 5960 Alden Nash Lowell, MI 49331
  • Team insurance. 

**Coaches control the team fee based on the number of tournaments, uniforms, leagues, etc.
Team Uniform: 5 options. Approx. Cost $60-$250

We will be going through Nike for our pants and jerseys. Players can choose white pant with royal
blue piping long or short knicker pants and we will have a blue and white jersey. If your uniform from
last year fits and you can use it again there is no need to purchase a new one.

  • 1 Jersey
  • 2 Jersey
  • 1 Jersey and 1 Pant
  • 2 Jersey and 2 pants.

Team Tournaments: Approx. $165/player (if 4 local Tournaments) – $400 (8 big tournaments)


  • Weekday Games
  • Tournaments
  • Field Rental for practice or pick-up games
  • Bats, gloves, protective equipment, training equipment
  • Team Equipment: This is not always annual purchases and for most stuff it is optional.
  • Royal blue Evoshield batting helmet, royal blue, Nike belt and socks.
    Total Team cost will be $665 – $1350 depending on number of tournaments/games and uniform needs.


M-Th 4pm to 9

Fri to Sunday - By Appointment