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ACA Training Center Community,

Thank you for your patience as we continue to develop plans in response to everyone doing their part to stop the spread of COVID-19. Our plan will adhere to the orders by the Michigan Department of Health and Human services. Our goal is parallel with their goal of wanting to see us stay safe. This will limit our programs, but not eliminate them by following these guidelines. Our entire staff wants to update you on our practices.


Trainee (Athlete) , Trainer (Coach), and employee. Will go through a screening protocol every time they enter the facility.

Expect temperature taken, form completed, and contact information documented if not already in the system.

Team gaiter or mask must be worn at all times while in attendance at the ACA Training Center.

All 1 on 1 instruction will continue.

Cage time availability will remain available to a singular guest or for people of the same household.

Entire Classes, Team or Group workouts will be on hold for now as we adhere to the 1 on 1 policy along with staying 12’ apart.

Coaches / Trainers can use their current time scheduled only if they maintain those expectations.

Parents, guardians or any spectator must maintain distance by staying outside of the facility. It is acceptable for someone responsible for an athlete under the age of 12 who wants to quickly come in to help their young athlete get into the facility. However. they must complete all entering protocols. Once their athlete is situated, the person responsible, must return out of the facility.

ACA is committed to both the safety and development of our athletes, we will work diligently to accomplish both.


M-Th 4pm to 9

Fri to Sunday - By Appointment